Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website, which we have kept pace with the expectations of our valued customers, effective link between us and them. I am also pleased to invite everyone involved in achieving our dream of leadership and preference, since it was first told of Al-Sorayai rapid industrial investment group, we plan and develop our strategic objectives of our group and are progressing beyond the expectations of everyone.

It is our relationship with the investor based on credibility and confidence relationship which makes one of the most important responsibilities to meet their expectations that we carry on our shoulders and we aim to translate it with continuing successes and outstanding results. The satisfaction of our customers and satisfy their desires at all levels is the greatest concern and the main engine which always leads us towards further progress and development, in the belief that our clients are the first critic and connoisseur of all our products. And keep in mind also favor suppliers who deal with us, the confidence in dealing always urges us to meet all our obligations towards them which contributed to closer relations between us and emphasized the philosophy success connection; our success unplugged with our suppliers success and vice versa.

Al-Sorayai group beliefs that its employees are the most important assets it has got, so we had to give them ample attention to training and development to raise the efficiency and quality of their productivity in all areas, In addition to the permanent quest to improve the working environment and make it one of the best working environments in the region to attract and keep the best human resources, commensurate with the requirements of the Group. We’re still strive to develop our performance and better access, with our permanent search for new opportunities to meet the wishes of all our stakeholders, and expand our activities within and outside the Kingdom, bearing us towards our vision of becoming a world-class pilot investment with a diversified successful business in the industrial field. And I ask “Allah Almighty to continue Al-Sorayai group, its career and contribute to the prosperity of the economy of this country dearly and promote development for all members of society.