Awards ceremony three best sellers for the second half of 2013

on last Thursday, February 6 credit control department had hold an awards ceremony for the best three salesmen at the group level for the second half of 2013. at Western Pac factory – AL Komra.
The ceremony was attended by  Group sales and steel beds factory manager Mr. / Jamal Hamouda –   on behalf of our group general manager Engineer Hadeel Noman.
Was also attended by M / s Sharif Karob – Anwar al-Ghamdi – Ashraf Abu Kahla – Ahmed Komi – Mohammad Yousef – Ibrahim Faraj – and all factories sales managers and sales representatives of all other factories.

The results of the event were as follows:

– First place was hold by (Mr. Bazmi Anwar ) Sales Manager of Polymer  factory – won first place on the Shield + SR 2000 in cash + first place

– in the second place (Mr. Ahmed Moawad ) salesman of Western factory – was given a certificate of second place +   SR 1000 in cash .
– Third place ( Mr. Rida  Kardawi ) salesman of detergent factory – Certificate Center III + $ 500 riyals in cash .
it has been introduced their  careers and grades achievement during the second half with charts for the tree winners .

After the end of the  presentation and the awards Mr. / Jamal Hamouda handed over the winners their prizes  and then everyone went for the snack . And then was taking some pictures of the memorial

Internal Auditors training session

Al-Sorayai industrial investment group, has established a preparation course for internal auditors from the group’s staff, in coordination with the Moody’s Corporation “MOODY INTERNATIONAL28”-the two-day session from 27 March 2012 in Hotel Mercure Jeddah, and was attended by fourteen staff members from various departments and factories of the group

Open Day

In order to preserve the usual annual continuity the group has active social family, known as the open day, Thursday, 2012-04-19.

This event comes from within the Group cherishes to gather staff with their families to implant love and increase familiarity between them by knowing each other outside work limits.

Personal productivity improvement cycle

The Group has established a workshop entitled “improving personal productivity” on 19/6/2012 in Mövenpick Hotel Jeddah. The session was attended by thirty members of staff group, plus four sister companies. This session of the ongoing group plans to raise the efficiency of its employees and make them more professional. The course was introduced by a General Manager the group engineer Hadeel Ahmed that last for eight training hours.