Occupational Safety and Environment Department

In one of the steps on the path of continuous development and improvement has adopted a general management group Create management of occupational safety and the environment , where the main purpose is to preserve the assets and property of the group and the safety of their employees – who are the most important out of these assets – and since the beginning get us to our protection of individuals and property, provided the factories by equipment of fire-fighting and alarm systems , and provided us with working tools of personal protection necessary to protect them from the dangers of working , and have contracted with a company of the largest companies maintain fire equipment and the most experience , we have awareness campaigns frequent of warning educational signs and educational courses and others …


Factory performance results for the second quarter of 2012

Announcement of factories performance results of the second quarter, the West’s packaging company’s factory has obtained best factory. And Mr. Mohamed Anwar awarded best employee in the best factory, Mr. Mohamed Issak’s best agent in the best factory for that period.

Linking the group and standardizing the procedures with ASAWAQ program

From our message of planning, action and continuous of improvements to meet the expectations and needs of our investors, customers, suppliers and employees in our precious group; it was agreed after careful studies with a think-tank known Arabic market since 1989 in software, specialized in the development and support of business management systems with the Arabic region to provide outstanding software package to meet growing needs, in addition to providing flexible service with quality standards in line with the growth and expansion of our group.

Final preparations for launching sites and online businesses of the Group

Al-Sorayai industrial investment group and companies at this time to launch their new websites to be at the service in a nice and manageable style, that is easier for customers to find information and access data for all factories faster., websites contain all information collection and linked to corporate websites with information and pictures about companies and their products, projects and clients.
The Group’s management wishes the websites to keep pace with customer expectations and be effective link with them.